Wednesday, July 17, 2013


3:09 pm 7/17/13 - We have seen Kit. She is now hooked up to more machines that ever while a group of no less than five people are milling about her running tests and tweaking this that and the other constantly. She is still paralyzed from the surgery. This will wear off 15 - 18 hours at which time she could begin to open her eyes. This timeframe is critical in terms of her stats stabilizing. Right now her blood pressure (among other stats) is fluctuating but the medical staff is managing her as is to be expected after any major operation. Though Beth and I would stay by her side, we realize that we would only be in the way and we certainly need our rest. A phone call from the PICU is my worst nightmare at present. 

3:29 pm - Just spoke to another doctor. He said that Kits heart looks good and strong. Her O2 levels are 100%. Keep up the good fight Kit!

8:48 pm - we stopped by to say goodnight to Kit. Not much had changed. Her lactic acid is down which is a result of her improved O2 levels. Her blood pressure remains a little low which they are inflating with fluids. There is no set time table for when that goes from being normal to being a problem. But if after 12 hours she shows no improvement it will begin to raise some eyebrows. 

9:30 pm (non-medical update & certainly my last for the day) - Our wonderful midwife Alisha Morgan made this for your viewing pleasure:

Thanks Alisha! And another big thanks to all the support we've received from everyone in all the various forms it has taken. We couldn't do this without you. 


  1. I'm glad she has her kitty to keep her company. These updates are wonderful now that I'm home. I will see you tomorrow.

  2. Oh LORD, you guys. Even though it seems like Kit is doing great, this must be torturous for you. I hope you've got something to help you sleep tonight. Lots and lots of love to the four of you.