Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Into the roil - SUCCESS!

6:28 am - We are at the hospital. The nurses said she did great last night. Kit is now sleeping with her pacifier in her mouth bundled up tight. I believe she is already sedated though (edit: turns out i was wrong. No sedation yet) she wiggled around when I said hi to her. From what they told us yesterday they will come get her in the next 30 - 45 min. I will make regular updates here throughout the day. 

7:01 am - A team of nurses is here and they are unhooking the devices in order to move Kit upstairs where we will talk to the anesthesiologist and her team. Then they will take her away. 

7:14 - We are in a patient holding area on the surgery floor waiting on the team to speak with us. 

7:31 am - Kit has left for the procedure. 

7:51 am - the "room" that we will be staying is more akin a closet with no windows. This is easily the worst part of the hospital we have experienced. The regular updates will start around 9 am and should proceed about every hour. 

9:11 am - Just got our first update. The nurse said that everything has gone smoothly so far. She went under without a peep and that they have made the incision and have begun the actual procedure. She said she will be back in at most an hour and if anything major - positive or negative - changes she will let us know. So far, so good.

10:01 am - we just got another update. Kit has been in bypass for about 25 min. Everything is fine so far. Here is a picture of her in the operating room. 

10:41 am - Another update. Everything is still fine. 

11:42 am - Nurse stopped by. They have finished the aorta and are working on the pulmonary side. The coronaries are done. Everything is looking great she said. For a surgery such as this they lower the body temperature and then begin to bring it back up as they reach the end. They are already bringing her body temperature back up which means they are nearing the end. About another hour of surgery and then probably another hour of closing everything up. 

12:10 pm - She came off bypass about 11:50. The only thing left for them to do is to put in the temporary pacemaker wires and a tube to her heart. Then the doctor will make a decision about whether he will close her up or not given the amount of swelling and fluids. So far so good. 

12:57 pm - The procedure is complete. Her sternum is closed. Though we still need to talk to the doctor, it was a total success! HOORAY!

1:27 pm - Talked to the doctor. All is well. This was the first major hurdle. Tonight is the second. This is the last update I will post here. Once we know more about the post-opertation expectations I will make a new post on Kits blog. 


  1. Thank you for the updates, Charles. I hope you guys can feel all the love that surrounds you, especially over these next few long hours.

  2. Sending positive thoughts your way! Thank you for keeping us posted. We are with you in spirit. ~Jessica

  3. So glad everything is going well so far! Sorry they've put you in a closet though...

  4. Wonderful news!!! Will continue to keep you all in my thoughts & prayers!!! Thanks for all the updates.
    <3 JoNell