Thursday, July 18, 2013

Post-Op: Day 2

6:35 am - we are here for rounds which will start in the NICU a floor below us around 6:45. They will work their way up to us in the PICU. Kit really hasn't changed since we came and said goodnight to her. They only had to give her one bag of fluids to maintain her blood pressure which is good. The nurse said that they did repair the VSD as well yesterday. I will make  another update after rounds. The nurses put the KIT-ty that Tata got her in the bed with her last night. 

7:08 am - one of the nurses just told me that Kits procedure is Dr. Austin's keynote procedure. It's his favorite and he is really fast. What luck. 

7:28 am - Rounds were REALLY good. Since everything is going so well they are basically starting to diminish and remove all of the artificial supports to start to give her body the chance to take over again. 

9:10 am - the nurse taking care of kit right now just told us that once kit comes off the epinephrine and dopamine (I think) that we can start holding her again which could be as soon as this afternoon.

12:16 pm - just got a good call from the nurse staying with kit. They are continuing to wean her off of the various medications. But more importantly, she has opened her eyes a few times and was using one of her arms to try and swat the nurse away while she repositioned her breathing tube. She's a fighter. 

7:13 pm - Her blood pressure continues to improve and they are weaning her off of the epinephrine. They may have already done so by now. My mom and dad brought Dottie to Louisville to spend the night so they got to see Kit as well. Dottie didn't however. While I was away with Dottie and my parents, Beth gave Kit a "bath" of sorts which involved wiping her down with antibacterial wipes, and after she dried for 15 mins, putting on lotion. Beth also got to wash and comb Kit's luxurious locks, which we think may be curly. 


  1. KIT-ty in the bed made my morning. (I posted this comment earlier, but it didn't show up when I came back)

  2. Now that REALLY makes my morning!

  3. TB2G!!!! Keep it up Kit! Awesome progress and relieving news. Still some work to do. But if you are half as strong as your mama and even an ounce as determined (and/or "stubborn") as your father, then I can't think of a better gal for this fight. Thinking of you all, (on my knees in open prayer and thanksgiving). And thanks to Chuck for keeping us in the loop. A dauting task, but it helps us feel a little less helpless in this. Please know I am with you all every step of this way! xoxo Hillie~

  4. I'm so glad to read these updates! Thank you so much for keeping us all informed...I know you have a lot going on, but it's awesome that you have taken the time to keep all of us who can't be there up-to-date on what's happening. It's fantastic that Kit has such good support, both medical and familial, and it's really amazing that a tiny little brand-new person can be so strong and resilient. I hope things just continue to get better and better for everyone. All the love love love to all of you

  5. Wow sounds like you all have been through it but are in very good hands. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you and little Kit. Sounds like she's a fighter and I'm sure she keeps looking up determined to grow up and be able to cut daddy's hair!

  6. Fantastic news! So glad to hear she is doing so well. Hugs to all of you!! Love, Jessica

  7. Congratulations on the continuing good news, and on your amazing and adorable new baby. She is strong and beautiful and so lucky to be born into your family! Thinking of you all...
    Love, Ashley