Monday, July 29, 2013

Moving into week three

Alright!  So hopefully we are looking at the homestretch. Kit has to meet several milestones before she can go home.  Breathing on her own, which she is doing; maintaining her blood pressure, which she is doing; eating full meals by mouth, which she is close to doing; and a few others I can't remember. What we are working on now is consistent weight gain, right now she is losing, not enough to be super concerned, but enough that she's sticking around the nicu for a while. 

Her other issue is that she's had a few tachycardia episodes. This is where she's having a fast heart rate or a few extra beats. So far this hasn't affected any if her other stats.... Oxygen, breathing rate, blood pressure.... And she has brought her heart rate down after a few seconds on her own. She's on meds for this, and it will hopefully resolve itself as her heart continues to heal. 

Here a a few pics from the last few days. 

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