Friday, July 19, 2013

Post-Op: Day 3

5:48 am - The daily grind has really caught up with us finally and since Kits condition has done nothing but improve we are not going to rounds in person today though we will get an update from the nurse in the room. We just called to get an update and they said that they continue to wean her from the dopamine; the chest tube that drains blood and other fluids from the incision in her chest is empty so they will be coming off soon; the ventilator has been reduced from doing 20% of her breathing to 14% so she could be off that as soon as today; the diuretic is doing its job to help her pee. These are all good signs and we will call them to get another update near 8 am. I'm going to try to go back to sleep now. 

9:52 am - They really like where she is at in general. After removing the bandage and her chest tubes, the incision is hardly visible. They really want her to cone off the ventilator but want her to be a little more awake with a little less fluid. It could be as soon as tomorrow morning. As the bigger more obvious problems continue to improve, other smaller issues come into the spotlight. Her kidneys are haibg a bit of an issue but until she is weaned off of some of the other medicines it is not a full blown problem yet. 

4:47 pm - They continue to reduce her meds that are helping her pee and she is continuing to pee just fine. And her sedation meds and being lowered as well. When we came in her eyes were open!


  1. Wow. Modern medicine is amazing. I'm glad to hear that she continues to improve.

    I have a question - what do they do for the pain? Clearly an incision like that is going to hurt for a long time, but I didn't think that infants could take pain meds...

    1. While I forget what they called they are managing her pain with meds through an IV. If I can remember I will ask.

      By the way, for anyone who sees this, all of the comments made here come directly to my email and I see them all. Should any of you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will answer it with factual knowledge or careless daydreams.

    2. I asked the nurses a little more about the pain meds Kit is on. The two drugs they are giving her for pain are called Midazolam and Fentanyl. He first one is what they give you when you go under and wake up with a hole in your memory. That is why they call or the amnesia drug. It is prolly what that kid in the back seat of that car had been given in that youtube video after visiting the dentist.

      He nurse said that more-or-less she can have any med we can have just in smaller dosage.

  2. thank you for sharing your personal journey with your beautiful daughter. I am glad to read that she is continuing to flourish and it sounds like she will make a full recovery from the surgery. I'm sure I speak for all the design community that we are cheering for Kit in every way possible. I will be out of town until the 28th but if I can do anything to help you please let me know

  3. Charles!! I'm so glad to see that Kit is doing better and recovering well. My thoughts are with you and Beth and my little friend Dot as well. Please know that I love you and if you need anything let me know. I will be sending you all my love in light for the fastest recovery possible! :)